Learning the Korean language doesn’t have to be a long and boring process – this is something that you can have a lot of fun with, unlike oh, say something like math. In order to learn a new language, whether it’s English, Korean, Urdu, Tamil, or any other language out there, the trick is to find something that works for you and start taking action. The faster you’re able to implement the techniques you’re about to discover, the faster you can start speaking in Korean. 

Learn the Koran Alphabet – Hangul

An easy way to start learning Korean would be to first study the alphabet, which is referred to as Hangul. This alphabet is much more precise than Romanized Korean. By Learning Hangul, you’ll find that it’s easier to learn Korean. Don’t worry, because the alphabet is fairly simple to learn. In fact, most people are able to do it within an hour, as long as they have the proper teaching material.

What is the Correct Teaching Material?

By having the correct teaching material, we mean you will have ways to connect Hangul with the English alphabet. Most people dive right in and try to learn Hangul by memorization, which is not only difficult, but it can be downright boring. Instead of doing this, it’s best to figure out easy ways that you can remember the characters in Korean by connecting them with some things you already know about in English. This way, It’ll be easier for you to learn the Korean characters – you’ll be able to orecognize the character easily and will also know what sound it makes. 

Jump Into the Korean-English Union

When it comes to Korean and the English language, there is a specific union between the two. In a way, it’s kind of like marriage If you think about it. Think of it like this – not too long ago, Korean and English went on a date and they hit it off right then and there. After they went out, they got permission from each side of their families and decided to get married and we can tell you, the ceremony was lovely.

Not to long after the marriage took place, the two decided it was time to have a child. Both the English and Korean wasn’t to pass on the family names, but they couldn’t decide what they would call their baby. Then, they met in the middle and called their little one “Konglish.”

You see, Konglish is what happens when English and Korean get together. Yes, this is a funny story, but it will help you remember what Konglish is. Konglish is a real thing – there are words in Korean that are a mixture of both the English and Korean languages. Those words are, once again, called Konglish.

Here’s an example for you:

  • Pizza: 피자 (pi-ja)


By studying Konglish first, you’ll find it easier to learn Korean, because really, if you know English, then you already know many of the words.