When you think of Japan, what’s the first things that come to mind? Manga, anime, ninja, and samurai? Sushi, karate and game shows? Or maybe you’re thinking of Harjuku, Hello Kitty, or those infamous vending machines. 

While these may be the things you think of, there  is so much more to Japan than these things. Just as there’s more for you to gain by stepping out from your English language to learn Japanese than just the anime scene. 

Now that you’re excited about learning Japanese, here are some benefits of choosing to learn this language: 

You’ll Be Easier to Approach

Most learn Japanese for business reasons and that’s a good reason, but it’s not the only reason. For those of you who are planning on traveling to Japan, it is important to realize that the Japanese do not speak much English. A large portion of the population choose not to use the English they have learned. So, even  if you simply speak a little bit of Japanesed, a small “ohayho” will make you more noticeable. Speaking a little bit of Japanese will make people more welcoming and friendlier towards you during your time in Japan – this means you took time to learn something about them, instead of expecting them to speak in your language. 

More Doors and Job Opportunities will Open

The Japanese have different laws, rules, and do things differently from people in the United States. For this reason, certain integration may be difficult for Americans. By stepping out to learn the Japanese language, more doors and job opportunities may open up for you. 

You will Appreciate Japanese Entertainment and Culture More

Chances are, you have already tried Ramen or Sushi in your home country, but there’s a lot more out there that you haven’t discovered yet. By learning Japanese, it can help you recognize the origins of the ingredients, and even the cooking styles. It can also help you speak with the chefs that are cooking the food. 

Then you have characters such as Hello Kitty and Totoro that you’re probably familiar with. However, do you know the stories that are behind the creation of these popular characters. In the entertainment world, you have Japanese anime, which has taken over.

By learning more about the food, entertainment, and what’s trending in Japan, it could open up more opportunities for conversation with some of your Japanese business partners or clients. 


Japanese English isn’t as hard as people think. As a native English speaker, you already have an advantage – English just so happens to be one of the most complicated languages to master. However, despite it all, we understand that learning any new language can be intimidating, because it’s different from how we’re used to speaking. Once you start to learn the basic characters in Japanese, you are going to be surprised with how easy it is to remember them. Many choose to start with the hiragana alphabet. In the end, once you start learning Japanese English, you’ll be surprised with how quick you learn the language.