For those of you reading this article right now, we’re sure you can speak English fluently. Now, you want to learn Tamil, which is a great idea, even if learning a second language can be challenging. It’s important that you start learning Tamil as soon as you can. 

Here’s some reasons why you should learn Tamil: 

Still not sure if you want to learn Tamil? We’re going to list some reasons why you should learn this language:

The Business Prospects in India’s Market

Over the years, the economy in India has been increasing and it has been predicted that India is going to reach well over $3.202 trillion GDP and have a purchasing power parity of at least $12.363 trillion. To put this into words that you can understand, India is growing, and they’re growing fast. In fact, they have one of the fastest growing economies in the world, superseding China. 

A Large Amount of Tamil Speakers

There are over 80 million Tamil speakers around the world. This is a language that is largely spoken in Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, and many other countries throughout the world. For those of you who has a business that would like to get somewhere in international trade, then you should branch out and learn the Tamil language. 

Just for Fun

Why not learn the Tamil language just for fun? Learning a new language is a whole lot of fun. There are hundreds of letters that you will need to memorize, but that’s the fun in it. With a little bit of effort, you will be able to memorize those letters in no time. A bilingual person operates differently compared to a person who knows a single language. Wouldn’t you want to be a bit smarter? If you don’t care about all of that, then how about all those amazing Tamil songs and movies you would be able to understand once you learn the language? 

Gain an Understanding of the Tamil Culture

The Tamil language and Tamil culture and paired together. In order for you to fully understand the Tamil culture, you will need to learn their language. This can be said about any culture and language in the world. Besides, learning a new language can be a whole lot of fun. It’s also challenging to learn something new. To learn a language like Tamil, you will need to put some work into it, but in the end, you’ll see just how worth it it really is.


So, what are you going to do now? It’s time for you to start learning the Tamil language. There are many tools and apps out there that can help you with English to Tamil. Surprisingly, many of those apps are free to use – so, you don’t really have an excuse not to learn the Tamil language, but you have many reasons why you should be learning it. If anything, you’ll be able to gain an understanding of the Tamil culture, and that right there is reason enough.